Solar photovoltaic panels use the energy absorbed from sunlight to generate electricity. Once installed on your property, the electricity generated by the panels is fed into your home, reducing your energy demand on the National Grid and so reducing your electricity bills. Plus, any surplus electricity which your household does not use can be sold back to the National Grid, and thanks to the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) introduced by the government in 2010, you receive an income from the government as a reward for generating electricity from a solar installation, regardless of how much of that electricity you consume yourself.


  • Unlimited and reliable source of renewable energy
  • Generation of free electricity
  • Quiet and clean operation
  • No visual impact
  • Money-earning from government tariffs and payback schemes
  • Low maintenance


  • Prior to beginning installation, a survey is required by one of our assessors. They will then be able to advise whether the roof is in suitable condition for installation of solar PV panels, as it is important that the structure is able to support the panels themselves.
  • Solar PV panels are simple to install so will cause minimal disruption during the process.
  • Installation typically takes under 2 days


  • Almost all properties are suitable for installation of solar PV panels. The panels generate electricity from the energy of daylight, not warmth, and so regardless of climate you can be assured that the panels will continue to operate whatever the location or orientation of your home. A south-facing roof at a 30 degree angle will produce the most energy, but you can be assured that it is almost certain that you will get a good yield with a southerly orientation anywhere between east and west.
  • Both pitched and flat roofs are suitable for solar PV installation

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