Biomass boiler systems burn logs, pellets or chips to produce heat which is used to heat water in a connected central heating and hot water system.

Installing a biomass boiler system could save you as much as £650 per year.†


  • Affordable fuel
  • Get paid monthly for using your biomass boiler (through the Renewable Heat Incentive, RHI)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your dependency on your energy supplier all year round
  • Reduce your heating bill
  • Low maintenance


  • Installation of a biomass boiler system includes both the fitting the biomass boiler itself and its integration with the existing central heating and hot water systems


  • Suited for larger properties, as the boilers a larger than most gas or oil equivalents
  • Availability of fuel suppliers, whether chips, pellets or logs
  • Ideal for replacing systems which heat with oil, LPG or electricity (such replacements will see the most financial advantage)

† According to the Energy Saving Trust, based on replacing an old electric heating system.

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