External Wall Insulation


Funding available for External Wall Insulation

External Wall insulation is a form of insulation which envelopes the exterior of your house in an insulating, water resistant layer. For properties with solid walls, external wall insulation offers an excellent solution for raising the thermal efficiency in homes where cavity wall insulation or other external improvements are not possible.

In an uninsulated home, by comparison, approximately 35% of all heat lost escapes through the walls†. Insulating the walls of your property is thus an important measure to consider when looking to raise the energy efficiency of your home.



  • Reduce heat loss
  • 25 year manufacturer’s warrantee
  • Reduce heating bills – approximately £460 per year
  • More comfortable interior climate
  • Disruption-free application
  • Improve weather-resistance (increasing the life expectancy of the walls)
  • Renew appearance of the outer walls
  • Minimal routine maintenance or redecorating of outer walls
  • Reduce condensation on internal walls, helping to prevent damp
  • Reduce fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions – up to 1,9000kg of CO2 per year*


  • Installing external wall insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the exterior solid walls of a property. We will ensure that all necessary preparations are carried out prior to installation, including the removal of external fixtures, and will ensure that any temporary changes made to your property will be restored after the installation.
  • Once secured, a basecoat render and glass fibre mesh are applied to the surface of the insulation boards in order to prevent cracking in the future, before applying a final barrier of primer and pigment coloured render. For this final surface there is a selection of finishes for you to choose from; smooth, painted, textured, tiled, panelled or pebble-dashed. These finishes do not need painting, and so installation of external wall insulation will minimise ongoing maintenance and decorating.


Your home will most likely be suitable for external wall insulation if

  • Its external walls are solid
  • Previous external improvements have proven difficult or impossible

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