Cavity Wall Insulation


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Cavity Wall insulation is a form of insulation which involves filling the air gap between the brick walls of a property with an insulating material, helping to keep the warm air inside the home, and the cold air out. The result is that less heat is lost from the home, and so reduces the energy demand of the property and reduces your energy bill.

After installing Cavity Wall insulation you could save yourself up to £145 per year†, an attractive saving which has convinced over 6 million households in Britain to opt for Cavity Wall Insulation.

Our installers are registered with CIGA, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, meaning that all cavity wall installations are covered with a 25 year guarantee.



  • As much as 35% of heat lost from domestic properties escapes through the walls*, and so cavity wall insulation alone could cut your heating costs by over a third.
  • The environmental advantages of installing cavity wall insulation are equally significant, as reducing energy consumption not only reduces energy bills but also results in reduced CO2 emissions.


In properties with wall cavities (a feature common to most properties built since the 1920s), small holes are able to be drilled at intervals into the exterior brickwork around the property, allowing insulating material to be blown into the air gap between. The resulting layer between the inner and outer skins of the walls will help to lock in heat and save energy. The exterior holes are then filled in and great care is taken to preserve the appearance of the property.

  • The process takes approximately half a day to complete.


Your home will most likely be suitable for cavity wall insulation if

  • Its external walls have unfilled cavities
  • The brickwork of the property is in good condition
  • The cavity is at least 50mm wide

Cavity walls can usually be identified by the following criteria:

  • If the property was built since the 1920s
  • If the walls are thicker than 260mm
  • If the bricks are all ‘side-on’ (i.e. with their long sides visible)

According to the Energy Saving Trust, cavity insulation typically saves an average semi-detached home up to £145/year on its bills.†

† According to the Energy Saving Trust; these are estimated figures based on insulating a semidetached, gas-heated home



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